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Accident Compensation Payouts - Manchester Claims


The payout for personal injury in a Manchester accident claim is carried out as an assessment by a judge based on the judges own experience, awards made in previously decided cases and government guidelines, after consideration of the extent and scope of the injury, the recovery period and whether or not there are any long-term disabilities or chronic conditions. Whilst an amount of money can never adequately compensate for personal injury the intention so far as is possible is to place the claimant back into the same position that they would have been had the accident not occurred. This concept however does not hold up in consideration of fatal accident damages nor in view of the fact that other similar jurisdictions have exactly the same concept but award very different compensation amounts for the same or similar injuries.

Payout Rules

The government guidance for recommended personal injury payouts is contained in a publication called the 'Judicial Studies Board Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases'. Amounts paid for accident compensation in previously decided cases can be found in published court reports which are also distilled into a regularly updated reference book called 'Kemp & Kemp: The Quantum of Damages' which is an expensive multi-volume publication available in most public libraries. This book gives a brief case report together with an assessment of the injuries and details the amounts awarded. Reported injuries vary from minor to serious and include fatal accident awards.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

If you have suffered personal injury in an accident in Manchester you should consult a solicitor as soon as possible. In order to make a personal injury compensation claim the accident must have occurred within the last three years and have been caused as a result of negligence by another person. We operate the no win no fee scheme otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client.