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Our personal injury solicitors are certified as specialists by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. They deal with nothing else other than accident claims using the no win no fee* scheme otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client. If you have been injured in an accident in Manchester within the last three years that was not your fault and you wish to find out how to preserve your legal right to compensation our lawyers offer free advice with no obligation. Our specialist personal injury solicitors are fully insured members of the Law Society. If you have been injured in Manchester just call the helpline or send the contact form or email our officers. Do yourself justice and give us a call.

How We Can Help You

  • by using only expert personal injury solicitors to represent you
  • by giving a risk free service
  • by offering free advice from a qualified lawyer with no obligation
  • by using the no win no fee scheme
  • by having you examined by specialist Manchester based medical consultants
  • by arranging immediate private therapy in Manchester when necessary
  • by providing our full terms in writing before commencement
  • by speaking in plain English without legal jargon
  • by financing your claim expenses

How Much Compensation Will You Receive?

Until you start the claim process and speak to one of our personal injury solicitors it is not possible to say how much compensation you could receive. Our lawyers need to assess the extent of any pain and suffering for personal injury including ongoing symptoms and long-term disabilities and to assess financial losses to date and anticipated for the future. What we can say is that our advocates have helped people just like you receive £100,000’s in compensation. We act only for claimants, never for insurers and if you instruct us act on your behalf we will zealously protect your legal right to receive the compensation that you deserve.

Awards of Compensation

Damages awarded for successful personal injury compensation claims in Manchester vary widely. There are two types of damages a claimant can receive known as special damages and general damages. Special damages are compensation for losses that can be valued in terms of money, such as the costs of having your vehicle repaired or the loss of past wages. Special damages can be calculated with a degree of accuracy. Special damages alone are often not sufficient to compensate the victim fully for their losses. For instance, a car accident may leave you physically disabled, which could affect your ability to enjoy life and leisure time. General damages are awarded to compensate victims for losses that cannot be assigned a monetary value such as pain and suffering. General damages cannot be calculated accurately and must be assessed by a Judge based on previous case law, government guidelines and personal experience following representations made by the lawyers for both claimant and defendant.

General Damages & Special Damages

Below is a non-inclusive list of some of the special damages and general damages may be awarded in a Manchester personal injury compensation claim:

  • damage to motor vehicle; decreased value of vehicle
  • cost of rental car while vehicle is being repaired
  • personal property damage
  • medical bills, both past and future including care costs
  • loss of employment or lost opportunities for advancement
  • difficulty finding employment
  • lost income and/or loss of future income
  • loss of enjoyment of life and reduced leisure time
  • future likelihood of additional accident-related health problems
  • pain, suffering and emotional distress
  • legal costs and expenses
  • general expenses
  • interest on the damages awarded

Personal Injury Claims

Individuals in Greater Manchester can be hurt in a variety of circumstances by the negligent actions of another person giving rise to a personal injury claim. It is important that you select a solicitor who specialises in accident law and deals exclusively in personal injury claims and who has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle a complicated negligence case. These are some of the major statutes and areas of personal injury claim law that your solicitor should know and understand:

  • Consumer Protection Act 1987
  • Occupiers Liability Act
  • Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Fatal Accident Act 1976
  • Civil Evidence Acts of 1968 and 1971
  • common law of negligence
  • motor vehicle and traffic accidents including drunk driving
  • contributory negligence
  • vicarious liability and co-workers negligence
  • product liability including defective pharmaceutical drugs
  • Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) covering uninsured or hit-and-run claims
  • accidents in the workplace and employers liability
  • relationship between workplace injuries and social security benefits


*legal information